Shadow Police

Sri. P.Vijayan IPS, District Police Chief, Thrissur City constituted a special wing namely “Shadow Police” in Thrissur City Police district on 01.05.2011. as he had done successfully as Commissioner of Police at Kochi and Kozhikode. The wing comprises of highly talented and trained professionals of Police department in Crime Detection. The objective of this wing is to prevent, tackle and investigate Crimes quickly, effectively as a single team under the direct supervision of the District Police Chief

The first mission taken up by Shadow Police was to root out the drug mafia that was smuggling drugs by trains to Thrissur and Kerala. In the investigation done concentrating the Railway stations, we seized 1502 ampoules of different types of drugs that was smuggled through trains and arrested one Murshidabad, a native of West Bangal. We also succeeded in capturing a huge amount of Ganja smuggled by autorikshaws and arrested the culprits.

The service of this team is also being utilized for preventing Crimes in connection with festivals like Thrissur Pooram where a large number of people assemble.

Other important achievements of the wing includes

  • Arrest of the culprit of 50 theft cases namely “Manichithrathazhu Rajan” who was looming around Kunnamkulam, guruvayoor, Peramangalam areas and was doing theft in homes there. 534 gm Gold, VCD s, DVD s and other costly home appliances have been recovered from him.
  • Arrested all the accused involved in the Murder case of the notorious Goonda “Esthappan Aji”
  • Arrested the accused in a case in which some other state Lorry drivers, who were resting at Marathakkara Ollur, were attacked, chopped and stolen money, mobile phones, etc. from them.
  • In a very dangerous and adventurous operation at Sathyamangalam Forest area, the team arrested the 24 accused including the notorious Goonda leader “Kadavi Ranjith”, who were the accused in a Crime Case of Nedupuzha PS in which they attacked the home of one Sandeep using swords, bombs etc.
  • The team arrested one “Keyhole Jhon”, who was an expert in breaking keyholes and stealing from homes. He was looming around Irnjalakuda and was a threat to the life and property of the people there
  • Arrested one Joy who involved in 9 vehicle theft cases in different parts of Kerala

In brief, the team has arrested the accused involved in around 55 different Crime Cases in Thrissur City which include theft, Housebreaking, smuggling of drugs, goonda activities, etc. Thus The Shadow Police working under City Police Commissioner succeeded in bringing the thieves, goondas and smugglers who are operating in and around Thrissur City to the book to a great extend