Control Room

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               Control Room is functioning in a department building in the extent of 31 cent land (Survey No. 1221/X& XI). The entire space in the ground floor is equipped with offices of State Temple Anti Theft Squad (STATS), Jana Mythri Yuva Kendra & SPC Learning Centre, SPC Nodal Officer, and Counseling Centre for family under the control of Women Inspector, Women Cell. Control Room is functioning in the up stair portion. The main goal of Control Room is assigned as, to attend the phone calls from public who are in need of police aid and other matters, as well as to ensure the presence of patrolling vehicles like CRV’s and Romeos in Town limit. Moreover, 16 cameras are installed by Keltron at different places of Town area and the server unit is functioning at Control Room. Automate dial 100 System initiated by Cdac was now idle, lack of time bound maintenance due to failure in making AMC with Cdac. Control Room, act the role of co-coordinator by receiving information from public and other sources by means of telephone and wireless set and convey the same to the concerned police force for taking necessary action.               



 Entire Jurisdiction of Thrissur city police district is vested as the jurisdiction of Control Room.






Whether Govt. building or not                   : Govt. Building


 Half the portion of the building is equipped as Office and resting place of Control Room. Even though the space is adequate for present administrative purpose, it is insufficient for future expansion of activities.  Server and display unit of 18 cameras and Dail 100 Cdac System is mounted inside the office.  The building is dingy condition, lack of timely painting and maintenance. Surroundings of buildings laying in an untidy manner, lack of proper drainage system. In summer season, acute shortage of water is facing and depend the water supply of Corporation authorities in these days. Hence it is appropriate to dig a bore well to overcome the scarcity of water. It is expedient to change the Control Room to ground floor, because so many public including senior citizens are approaching the office to remit the MV Petty fine.  




            22 VHF sets are available for communication and whole sets are outdated and most of the sets are not in a condition to meet the purpose. Three Telephone numbers are allotted to Control Room to receive information from public and other sources. Dail 100, 1099(Accident Information), Narcotic Information number are also incorporated to Control Room.





          7 Control Room Vehicles and 4 Romeo motor cycles are conducting patrolling in Town areas round the clock. The charge of each vehicle is entrusted to an officer along with adequate strength to achieve the good L/O situation in Thrissur Town. Control Room Vehicles are being deployed in a manner to arrive instantly at particular place, where in need of police aid. By considering the traffic rush and peculiarity of places, the entire town area divided into 7 Sectors and assigned these areas to each Control Room vehicles as their patrolling limit, along with Key Points. Similarly Romeo Vehicles also allotted patrolling areas. So many Suo-motto cases were found, while the routine patrolling of these vehicles and being directed such cases to Town Traffic & Town East PS for enforce the law. These vehicles are being detected MV Petty offences along with their routine patrolling.





08.00 Hrs  Starting from C Room

08.15 Hrs– Halt & duty at  Thiruvambadi Temple

08.45 Hrs-  Halt & duty at I/F Model Girls School                                                                                      

09.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at MG Road

11.00 Hrs - Halt & duty at North Bus Stand

11.30 Hrs – Patrolling through Shornoor Road, Swaraj


12.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at MO Road

14.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Naduvilal

14.30  Hrs  -Patrolling through MG Road

15.00  Hrs  -Halt at Sankaraiyyer Road

15.10  Hrs  -Return  through Vijaya sree Eye Hospital,

                    AR Menon Road

15.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at I/F Model Girls School

16.30 Hrs – Patrolling through the inside of Tekkinkadu  


17.00 Hrs    Halt & duty at MO Road

18.30 Hrs -  Patrolling through JaiHind Market, High

                    High Road, Swaraj Round, Thekkinkadu 

                    Nehru Park etc places

20.00 Hrs -  Duty Change at C Room







(Operating 24 Hrs)


Near Nehru Bala Bhavan Jn, Chembukavu, Holy Family School, Zoo -Pension Moola, Puthanvettuvazhi, Nellenkara, Holy,  Bhisop House, East Fort,  ITC, Jubilee Mission Hospital, Mar aprem, Kizhakkumpattukara, Paravattani, Ambakkadan Jn, College Road, Bennet Road, GEM Hos,Maylipadam, Poura Samithi Jn, Pallikulam, Puthanpalli, Erinjery Angadi, Ariyangadi. (Newly Added up to Kuthiran)



08.00 Hrs    Starting from C Room

08.30 Hrs–  Halt & duty at Bala Bhavan& Chembukavu

08.45 Hrs-   Halt & duty at  I/F Holy Family School,Zoo

09.30 Hrs-   Halt & duty at East Fort

11.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Ambakkadan Jn

11.30 Hrs – Halt & duty St. Thomas College

12.00 Hrs – Patrolling through Ariyangadi,Thavittangadi,

                    Erinjery Angadi, New Church Circle Places

14.00 Hrs –  Halt & duty at ITC Jn

14.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at Jubilee Mission Hospital

15.00  Hrs  -Halt & duty  East Fort Jn

15.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at I/F Holy Family School, Zoo

16.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at East Fort Jn.                 

18.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Mission Hospital

19.00 Hrs    Patrolling through NewChruch Circle,Erinjery


                   Ambakadan Jn, East Fort etc. places

20.00 Hrs -  Duty Change at C Room









(Operating 24 Hrs)


Manoraman Jn -Kattukaran Jn, St Joseph School,Mundupalam Jn, Ikkanda varior rd, Mission Qrts -  Kuriachira, Koorkanchery - Eye Vision Hos Jn, Saw Mill Rd, Thankamani Jn, Mittai Gate, Balya Jn, SKT Bus stand,( Newly added Up to Kuriachira)




08.00 Hrs  Starting from C Room

08.05 Hrs– Halt & duty at  SKT Market premises

08.45 Hrs-  Halt & duty at I/F ST. Joseph School

09.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at SKT Bus Stand area

10.30 Hrs –Halt & duty at Balya Jn

11.00 Hrs – Patrolling through South Ring, Thankamani            ,                     Saw mill Road, Mittai Gate, Eye Vision

11.30 Hrs – Halt & duty at Koorkanchery.

12.45 Hrs – Return journey through Kannamkulangara 

                    Area, Mundupalam, Manorama Jn places

13.30  Hrs  -Halt at Mathrubhumi Jn

14.30  Hrs  -Patrolling through Pourasamithi, ITC Jn, Mission

                    Qtrs, Mundupalam

15.00  Hrs  -Halt & duty at Kuriachira Jn

15.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at I/F St. Joseph School

16.45  Hrs –Halt & duty at Koorkanchery Jn

17.30 Hrs    Halt & duty at SKT Bus Stand

19.00 Hrs -  Patrolling through Kattukaran Jn, Mission

                     Qtrs etc places     

20.00 Hrs -  Duty Change at C Room






(Operating 24 Hrs)


 Kokkalai- Diwanjimoola, KSRTC Jn, Railway, Poothole, Thoppin Moola, Nethaji Road, Kalvary Rd, - up to Sankarayyer Rd.Veliyannur -Kuruppam Road, PO Road - High Road




08.00 Hrs   Starting from C Room

08.30 Hrs– Halt & duty at  Jayalakshmi Silks

09.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Parayil Jn

10.00 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Poothole Jn

10.30 Hrs –Halt & duty at Railway Station

11.30 Hrs – Halt & duty at Kokkalai.                              

12.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Kuruppam Raod

12.30 Hrs – Patrolling through Marrar Road

13.00  Hrs  -Halt at Diwanjimoola Jn

14.00  Hrs  -Patrolling through Vanchikulam, Kalvary Rd

                    Thoppin moola, Netaji Rd, West Fort

15.00  Hrs  -Halt & duty at Jayalakshmi Silks Jn

16.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at Railway Station

17.30  Hrs –Halt & duty at KSRTC premises

18.30 Hrs  -  Halt & duty at Diwanjimoola Jn

19.00 Hrs  -  Halt & duty at Railway Station

20.00 Hrs  -  Duty Change at C Room







(Operating 24 Hrs)


West Fort, Poonkunnam, Hari Nagar, Chakkamukku, Patturakkal, Peringavu, Aswini,Cherumukku Temple, Palace Rd, Vadakke Stand, Rama nilayam, Town Hall, Corporation Stadium.




08.00 Hrs   Starting from C Room

08.15 Hrs– Halt & duty at  North Bus stand

09.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Aswini Jn

10.15 Hrs-  Patrolling through Peringavu Jn

10.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Chakkamukku Jn

12.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Poonkunnam Jn

13.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at West Fort

13.30 Hrs -  Patrolling through Cherumukku, Palace

                    Road, Ramanilayam, Corporation Stadium,

                    Ramanilayam, Town Hall etc places

15.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at North Bus Stand

17.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Aswini Jn

18.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Patturakkal, Chakkamukku

19.00  Hrs  -Halt at Poonkunnam

19.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at West Fort

20.00 Hrs -  Duty Change at C Room






(Operating 08.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs)


Collectorate, Ayyanthole Ground, Shobha City, Lulu Jn Sankaramkulangara Rd, Hari Sree School, Udaya Nagar, , MLA Raod, Karthyayani Temple, Law College,  Keralavarma College, West Fort, Nirmala College, Laloor Jn, Chungam,   Mother Hosp., Olarikkara



08.00 Hrs   Starting from C Room

08.30 Hrs– Halt & duty at  West Fort

09.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Collectorate Jn

11.15 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Ayyanthole Ground

11.45 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Shoba City

12.30 Hrs – Halt & duty at Lulu Jn

13.00 Hrs – Patrolling through MLA Road, Poonkunnam,  

                   Sankaramkulangara Temple

15.00 Hrs    Halt & duty at KeralaVarma College

15.45 Hrs – Patrolling through Udaya Nagar,Karthyayani


16.15 Hrs – Halt & duty at Law College

16.45 Hrs – Halt & duty at Collectorate Jn

17.30 Hrs – Halt & duty at Olarikkara Jn

18.30  Hrs  -Patrolling through Mother Hosp,Puthurkkara,

                     Pullazhi, SN Park, Niya Bar

19.30  Hrs  -Halt & duty at West Fort

20.00 Hrs -  Duty Change at C Room






(Operating 08.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs)


Kuriachira Jn, Valarkavu, Ancherychira, Modren colony, Kuttanellur, Nadathara, Kachery, Nellikunnu, Anchery Kairalipalam, Christopher Nagar, Companypadi, Andi Company, Ollur  



08.00 Hrs   Starting from C Room

08.30 Hrs– Patrolling through Nellikunnu,Chelakottukara,

                   Valarkavu, Nehru Nagar etc places

09.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Kuriachira

10.30 Hrs-  Halt & duty at Acherichira

11.00 Hrs-  Patrolling through Modern Colony

11.30 Hrs – Halt & duty at Kuttanellur Jn

12.15 Hrs – Halt & duty at Nadathara Jn

12.45 Hrs  -Patrolling through Kachery

14.45 Hrs – Halt & duty at Anchery Kairalipalam

15.15 Hrs – Halt & duty at Christopher Nagar

16.00 Hrs – Patrolling through Companypady, Andy Co.

                   Padavarad etc places

17.00 Hrs – Halt & duty at Ollur Jn.

18.00  Hrs  -Halt & duty at Kuriachira

19.00  Hrs  -Patrolling through Valarkkavu, Ancherichira,

                    Modern Colony, Kachery etc Places

20.00 Hrs -  Duty Change at C Room








The details of incoming Telephonic conversations are being entered in Control Room Register in prescribed pro forma. If automated dial system became operative, the call details will be generated automatically according to the needs.








          16 surveillance cameras mounted at 8 important Junctions as to evaluate the traffic flow as well as present law & Order situation. A control Unit is delegated to this purpose. The clippings of these cameras are also utilized to detect the culprits involved in grievous crimes such as vehicle theft, snatching etc. Besides these tasks, it is also detecting MV Petty offences like obstructive parking by capturing the Registration number of vehicles and sending notice to the offender, in order to impose penalty. A number of 40 to 50 MV Petty offences are detecting utilizing these cameras in daily basis. The number of cameras installed were not adequate to analyze the L/O condition of City. Hence it is essential to erect more surveillance cameras to dominate the whole Town.




          Three hotline numbers of Banks were connected to control Room for immediate action in need. SBI Palace Road, SIB Zonal Office, Dhanalakshmi Poonkunnam, SBT Main Branch are connected with Hot line numbers.




Public Announcement System are erected along with surveillance camera system in 0 places, to rendering information to general public at crowded time. Piece of information like Traffic arrangements, precaution against pick-pockets, snatching  etc. are being transmitted to public through these system. The following crowded areas are covered in this system.


  1. Model Girls
  2. Paramekkavu Temple
  3. Post Office Junction
  4. Mathrubhumi Junction
  5. High Road Junction
  6. Thekke Nada







Interceptor Vehicle is mounted with sophisticated radar system to mark the speed of vehicles.   The intention of Interceptor Vehicle is to regulate the speed of vehicles in High Ways, in order to avoid traffic accidents by using radar system mounted in the vehicle. Interceptor Vehicle being detected around 60 MV Petty offences for an amount of Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 in regular basis. The activities of Interceptor is advantageous to prevent traffic accidents in High Ways. 




Supervisory charge of High Way Patrol vehicles namely KILO 17( Base Station : Peramangalam PS) & KILO 21(Base Station: Mannuthy PS) are entrusted to this office. Vital instructions are being given to High Way Patrol Vehicles to conduct stringent patrolling to reduce traffic accidents and offences like high way robbery etc.




Besides the routine duties, Control Room performs collection of MO Check details, List of jail released culprits and details of Patta Book signed during the Night Patrol, from concerned stations and send to District Police Chief in daily basis. The arrest details of Thrissur district are being exhibited at Control Room according to the availability from Police Station.