Guruvayoor Circle

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The Circle was formed on 18.04.1986 with Guruvayur as Headquarters comprising together Guruvayur Police Station, Pavaratty Police Station, Chavakkad Police Station and Anthikad Police Station vide GO(Rt.)No.668/86/Home dated 25.02.1986.  Subsequently on 14.09.1994, Guruvayur Police Station was given the status of Circle Inspector as SHO vide GO (Rt) No.138/94/Home dated 16.03.1994.   Again it had been converted into a Circle with Guruvayur and Pavaratty Police Stations vide GO (MS) No.105/02/Home dtd 06.07.2002 w.e.f. 01.08.2002. Further, as part of enhancing the security to Guruvayur Temple, as proposed, a new Temple Police Station viz Guruvayur Temple Police Station bifurcating the jurisdiction of Guruvayur Police Station also had  been established vide G.O.(Rt) No.2247/2014/Home dated 14/08/14. The total area of Guruvayur Circle is 97.46 Sq. KMs.

Sub Division - Guruvayoor

Police Stations - Guruvayoor PS, Pavaratty PS