Ollur Circle

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              The Circle office started functioning from 15-04-1986 as per the G O NO. 686/ Home dated, 25-02-1986. The Office is functioning in the present building inaugurated on 14-01-2007, situating in the Ollur Police Station compound.


Ollur Circle consists of 3 Police Stations Ollur, Mannuthy and Peechi. There is a stretch of 35 Km. of NH 47 through the Circle limit which is efficiently policed by KILO-21, the base station of Mannuthy. The total area of Ollur Circle is 307. 25 Sq. KMs and the population is 345151 as per 2011 census.


Cherpu & Puthukkad  Circle is on the southern  side of Ollur circle, Thrissur Town East circle is lying on the   western     side and Thrissur west circle is lying on the northern side.  The Eastern side shared with Vadakkanchery Circle of Palakkad district. 



 There are 3 Police Stations within the jurisdiction of Ollur Circle.   Details are given below:




Ollur Police Station was opened on 15.03.1961 as per G.O. (MS) 631/Home dtd 08.10.1960 and subsequently shifted to a new Government building bearing number TC 12/254 on 17.02.1989 vide G.O.(Rt) 3183/89 Home dated 01.07.1989.  Area of Ollur Police Station is 40.12 Sq. KMs and the present population in Ollur police station limit is  151235 as per 2011 census


Villages and Panchayaths/Corporation


This police Station consists of seven villages which are 1.Ollur, 2.Edakunni, 3. Marathakkara, 4.Kainoor, 5.Puthur, 6.Mannamangalam, and 7. Nadathara. Puthur, Nadathara Grama Panchayaths and Some parts of Thrissur Corporation falls under the jurisdiction of Ollur Police Station.


Tribal Colonies

        Vallur, Pazhavallam and Marottichal are the tribal colonies within the limit of Ollur Police Station. There are around 40 families in Pazhavallam colony, 17 families in Vallur colony and 42 families in Marottichal colony.

Accident Prone Areas.

        The main accident prone areas in Ollur Police Station limits are Kunjanampara, Puzhampallam, Cheerachi, Ollur over Bridge Junction and Nadathara

Main Road Passing through the Limit

        There are two main road passing through this jurisdiction. One is Paliyekkara – Thrissur State Highway having a length of 7 Kms and NH 47 having a length of 8 Kms.

Proposal of New Police Station at Vettukkad

        The proposal for a new police station in PuthurGramaPanchayath at Vettukkad have been submitted on 20-01-2012. One K.DevakiAmma, ManasseryKoduveli House, Vettukkad had expressed their willingness to hand over her building bearing Panchayath No IV/360 in PuthurGramaPanchayath on rented basis. Mannamnagalam and Marottichaletc places are situated more that 20 KMs away from Ollur Police Station. It is also crime prone area. The statics already submitted along with the proposal of new police station.


Mannuthy Police Station was opened on 15.03.1971 as per G.O. (MS) 33/71/Home dtd 11.03.1971 in the building of Kerala Agricultural University and later shifted to new Government building  bearing number TC XII/458 on 19.01.1985 vide GO(Rt.)165/85 dtd. 17.01.1985. The present Station Building is under orders of acquisition in connection with the widening of National High way. Administrative sanction has been allowed by the government as per order number 2323/2013/Home dated 23-08-2013 for constructing a new station building in the remaining land. And a new police station building has been inaugurated on 03.03.2016 by the Honorable minister Sri. C.N. Balakrishnan. Area of Mannuthy Police Station is 156.33 Sq. KMs and the present population in Mannuthy Police station limit is 100674 as per census 2011.

Villages, Panchayths and Corporation

        Mannuthy Police Station consists of 4 villages and part of Thrissur Corporation which are 1.Ollukkara, 2.Nettissery, 3. Vellanikkara, 4. Most of Mulayam Village and 15,16,17,18,18 divisions of Thrsissur Corporation. Madakkathara, Ollukkara, Nadathara and part of Thrissur corporation fall under the jurisdiction of Mannuthy Police Station.

Tribal Colonies

        Njarakuara is the only tribal colony in Mannuthy Police Station limit. There are 43 families in the colony.


Accident Prone Areas.

 The main accident prone areas in Mannuthy Police Station limits are Mannuthy Junction Mulayam Road Junction, Vettikkal and Kalathode.

Main Road Passing through the limit.

NH 47 is the main road passing through Mannuthy Police Station limit having a length of 5 Kms.



Peechi Police Station was opened on 04.08.1987 as per G.O. (Rt.) 1137/87/Home dtd 24.04.1987 in a rented building belonging to Irrigation Department and later shifted to new Government building bearing number III/412 in survey number 2050/11,210/11 of Pananchery Village at Pattikkad on 14.01.2007 as per GO (Rt.)866/02.Area of Peechi Police Station is 110.80 Sq. KMs and the present population in Peechi Police Station limit is 93242 as per census 2011. 


Villages and Panchayaths.

        Peechi Police Station consists of three villages which are 1.Peechi, 2.Pananchery and 3. Some part of Mulayam and Pananchery fall under the jurisdiction of Peechi Police Station.


Tribal Colonies

        Olakara, Maniyankinar, Poovanachira, Payyanam and Thamaravellachal are the main Tribal Colonies within the limits of Peechi Police Station. There are around 41 families in Olakara colony, 44 families in Thamaravellachal colony, 66 families in Maniyankinar colony, 29 families in Payyanam colony and 15 families in Poovanchira colony.


Accident Prone Areas.

        Chembuthara,Peechi Road Junction, Kombazha, Vazhakkumapara, Thampurattipadi and Kuthiran is the main accident prone areas in the station limit.