Chavakkad Police Station

0487 – 2507352

The Police station was opened on 25-11-1917 as Chavakkad Police Station in Manathala Village Chavakkad Thaluk (former Ponnani Taluk of Malabar State.) The Police Station is shifted to the new building on 25-06-1989 vide G.O. (RT) No. 501/90/Home dated 24-01-1989.

Jurisdiction Details

The Station has the Jurisdiction of Manathala, Orumanayoor, Kadappuram,Edakkazhiyoor villages and part of Punnayur, Guruvayoor and Thaikkad Villages. It shares border with Guruvayur Police Station at North side and East and Northern side with Vadakkekad Police Station and Southern side with Vadanappilly Police Station and on Eastern side shares Pavaratty Police Station and Western side on the Arabian Sea. It has approximately a stretch of 15 km of coastal area which is thickly populated. In this Station, especially the coastal area has a Majority of Muslim Population. In some areas Hindu community are concentrated.

Border Police station

Guruvayur Police Station, Vadakkekad Police Station, Vadanappilly Police Station, Pavaratty Police Station

Jurisdictional court

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court -I, Chavakkad, Assistant sessions court, Chavakkad

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

The Chavakkad Station Limit Comes Under Thrissur Parliament Constituency and Guruvayoor & Manaloor Legislative Assembly

Government Institutions

The Chavakkad Station Limit Comes Under Thrissur Parliament Constituency and Guruvayoor & Manaloor Legislative Assembly


THQ Hospital, Chavakkad, Raja Memorial Hospital, Muthuvattor, Chavakkad

Educational Institutions

GVHSS Kadappuram, GHSS Manathala, GFUPS Kadappuram & Puthankadappuram, GMLPS Edakkazhiyur, GLPS Erattapuzha, Thiruvathara & Punna, GUPS Manathala, MRRM HSS Chavakkad, Sethi Sahib Memmorial HSS Edakkazhiyur

Banks and Financial Institutions

SBT, SBI, FEDARAL BANK, Bank OF BARODA, CSB, Punjab National Bank, HDFC Bank, Rural & Urban Banks

Important Temples And Festivals

1. Manathala viswnatha temple pooram, 2. Panchavadi Pooram(vavubali), 3. Nagayakshi temple(sivarathri), 4. Chettialikkal Pooram 5. Kotakulangara pooram

Churches and Festivals

1. St. Thomas Church, Palayur 2. Little Flower Church, Orumanayoor

Important Mosques

Manathala Mosque, Edakkazhiyur Mosque, Vattekkad Mosque


Kanoli Canal - There is a stream in the limit of Chavakkad police station named “Kanoli canal”

Traditionally Important Places

St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Palayur

is located at Palayur (also spelt Palayoor), in Thrissur district in Kerala on the west coast of India. According to tradition, it was established in 52 AD by St Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.[1] It is the oldest church in India and is called an Apostolic Church credited to the Apostolate of St. Thomas who preached and also started conversion of people to Christianity here. It was part of the seven churches that he established in India; the other six churches were established at Cranganore, Kokkamangalam, Kottakkavu, Kollam, Niranam, and Chayal (Nilackal). The original small Church structure has been retained at the oldest site. But substantial improvements around it were carried out during the 17th century by Reverend Fenichi, as necessary, without sacrificing the main sanctity of the place.

Historical legend records that when St. Thomas landed at Palayur, he witnessed the sight of Hindu Brahmins, after their ablutions in a local tank, offering prayers by chanting mantras (the Vedic tradition of India for spiritual transformation) hymns to god in the form of Argyam or Tharpanam (water held in the palms) of water to the Sun god, a practice also said to be followed in Harappan and Persian cultures. Amused by the sight of water being thrown up by the Brahmins, from the palms of their hands, which was falling back, he challenged the Brahmins stating that the water they were offering was not being accepted by the Sun god as it was falling back into the tank. He made a deal with them stating that his God would accept the offer of water if he threw it up in the same way as they did, but water would not fall back. If he proved this then his God was superior and the Brahmins would have to embrace Christianity. He performed this miracle (summoned the Holy Trinity, completed the sign of the Cross and threw water held in his palms up into the air, which remained still in the air at a height) and with this miracle he converted a number of Brahmins and Jews in Palayur to Christianity. Thereafter he baptised the converts in a nearby water tank. The Brahmins who did not convert to the faith gave the epithet of the 'Shapa Kadu' or "Cursed Place" to Palayur and migrated to Vembanad to purify themselves.

Although this historical legend has been told and re-told by many people in India, a verification of this legend being known outside India, produced no confirmation. A person claims to have checked the Synaxarion compiled by the Monastery of Simonos Petra on Mt. Athos, as well as an English translation of Dmitri of Rostov's 17th century Great Collection of The Lives of the Saints, which are multi-volume collections and are extremely detailed, but has not found any account of this miracle performed by St.Thomas.

Tourism importance

Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach is beach in Chavakkad Municipality of Thrissur District in Kerala State. It lies on the coast of Arabian Sea and attracts domestic tourists and local people. The beach is situated 5 Kilometers from Guruvayoor Temple Sri Krishna Temple. In this beach, the river meets the sea known as estuary. The meeting point is known as Azhimokam in Malayalam. It is counted amongst Kerala’s most popular beaches because the beach is unexplored by domestic tourists.

Rajah Islandas

Rajah Islands consists of three Islands on the backwaters of Kerala. The main Island has an area of 14 acres and has the main building with suite, deluxe rooms, double rooms and a multi cuisine restaurant. Cottages for stay and treatment rooms for Ayurveda treatments overlook the waters. Another building on the main Island houses the doctor's consultancy rooms, pharmacy, and a conference hall. Apart from these, a building for prayers, paved walkways, children's play area and boat landings are also available on the main Island.

The second Island is connected to the main Island by a bridge over which people can walk. House boats are docked at this Island and a small treatment cottage is also available here. The Island has an area of five acres.

The pleasant and calm atmosphere with waters and excellent natural beauty surrounding the Islands, relaxes one physically and mentally, thus tuning him or her to respond well to Ayurveda related treatments.

The third Island is slightly away from the two above mentioned Islands and is about 30 acres in area. The Island is currently left in its natural form and is not being used for any sort of services or cultivation.

Light House

Chettuva Light House : Located at Thottappu 6 Km From Chavakkad Town. Breath Taking View Of Kerala and Arabian Sea. There r 140 Steps in Light House. 5 Rs Per nos. Time 3 pm to 5pm. We can see western ghats from here on clear day.


Munakkakadavu harbor is situated near the Chavakkad beach and munakkakadavu beach.

Main Projects through the Station

1.Janamythri Suraksha Project : -

As per PHQ circular number 34/09 and 35/2009 of PHQ TVM Janamythri suraksha project has been implimented in Chavakkad Police Station on 15-11-2010. This programe is implimented on 10 municipal wards of Chavakkad Municipality. This area devided as 5 Janamythri beats. 5 beat officer, 5 assistant beat offices and one community laison officer has been deputed for the same. Since 15-11-2010 various programmes were conducted by Janamythri police in Chavakkad Police Station limit. That is traffic awareness classes to the drivers, Medical camp, drawing competition to school childrens, anti-narcotic awareness programme, plastic irradication programme, supply of drinking water in summer season, cleaning programme conducted in the premises of Mini civil station Chavakkad and also conducted anti theft awareness classes. With the help of traffic krameekarana samithi, Jamythri Police has been built 2 bus stops in Chavakkad town and also installed traffic sign boards and dividers in the accident prone area of Chavakkad Police Station. In daily basis we tried to march Janamythri beats in the different beat area.

2.Counselling centre and Vanitha Vijnana vyapana kendram :-

A counselling centre was implimented in a separate building in Chavakkad Police Station compound. On every Tuesdays the counselling was conducted by Sr. Rosy John MSW, Navajyothi Councilling entre, Chembookavu, Thrissur. A seperate library was also provided in the same building as for the part of women empowering programme. Women help desk is also functioning in Police Station for the protection of women and children.

3.Senior Citizen help desk :-

As per the circular number 16/2010, seanior citizen help desk has been implimented in Chavakkad Police Station. A separate register with proper entries maitaining for the same.

4.Akshaya Kendra : -

Akshaya Kendra was implimented and functioning in Chavakkad Police station.

5.School Protection Groups :-

School protection groups has been implimented as per circular 16/2011 in 13 schools within the limit of Chavakkad police station. Monthly meeting, awareness programmes has been conducted in the above schools. With the co-ordination of SPG and Janamythri Police school bags, books and umbrellas has been issued to poor students and issued cash prize for best students who were scored highest marks in SSLC and +2 examination.

6.Student Police Cadet:-

As per circular 19/2011 student police cadet project has been launched in Vocational Higher Secondary School, Anchangadi, Kadappuram. 88 cadets were selected for the programme. Various programmes were conducted by Student Police Cadet. Outdoor and indoor training is running successfully. Vacation camps are conducting regularly. High standard is achieved to the students. High quality food is supplied to the students. 3 cadets, 2 girls and 1 boy, is selected to the state SPC Camp at SAP Camp, Thiruvananthapuram recently. Academic standard of the students are also arised on implementing the Project.

7.Kadalora Jagratha Samithi : -

As per circular number 18/2009 Kadalora Jagratha Samithi has been formed within the limit of Chavakkad Police station. Monthly meetings has been conducted with the presence of Tahsildar, CI of Police, and SI of Police Chavakaked. 25 members from fishermen are included in this samithi. Awareness programmes has been conducted to KJS members for the information about terrorist activities, illeagal transportation of spirit, drugs, tubaco products and implimentation of safety equipments in fishing boats, a awareness class also conducted for developing savings habits of fishermen. Identity Cards, Mobile sim cards, top up coupons, were issued to selected members of Kadalora Jagratha Samithi.