District Crime Records Bureau


DCRB, Thrissur City came into existence on March 3, 2011 as per the GO(MS) No: 32/2011/Home Dt: 05.02.2011, when the Government have bifurcated the Thrissur District Police into Thrissur City and Thrissur Rural Police and the same was now functioning near Police Commissionerate which is situated at Ramavarmapuram.

  1. Works carried out by the Unit:


The functions of the DCRB were classified broadly as Collection, Recording and Dissemination of information and assistance in the investigation of cases. Details of all FIRs are being entered in the computer as and when the same received in this office from police stations.

Details of all cases from 2011 onwards and details of important cases such as murder cases from 2001, worship theft cases from 2006, SC/ST cases from 2006 etc. were digitalized and perfectly updated. Annual data for NCRB, Monthly data for SCRB, Data for LAI sessions, Comparative statement to ADGP NZ, Kozhikode and IGP, Thrissur Range, Details of important cases, Actual UI cases and PT cases, Category wise details all cases required by superior officers were automatically generated from this digital format.

  • Details of projects in which ACP, DCRB is Nodal Officer:


Senior Citizen Help Desk:  As per the order No. 2178/2010/Home Dated 30/06/2010 Citizen Help Desk programme was introduced in all over the state.  Citizen Help Desk has been implemented in all police stations of Thrissur City.   A petition lodged by a senior citizen is forwarded for enquiry only through iAPS and at the same time a receipt for acknowledgement will be given to the complainant. Complainant can easily monitor the status of his/her petition from anywhere through Kerala Police website.   Beat police personnel are collecting petitions directly, special care were given to persons are living lonely.  Meeting are being conducted monthly basis.

  1. Main functions of ACP, DCRB:


  •  Supervision of DCRB works, preparation of LAI question replies, Emergency L&O duties entrusted by SP.
  •  Investigation of Crime Cases entrusted by SP, Enquiry of petitions, Enquiry of PRs, Supervision of collection of crime details using DCRB staffs, Emergency L&O duties entrusted by SP, conducted IMG courses, Reorientation of classes etc 
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