Thrissur Sub Division was formed in the year 1954.  Earlier Thrissur Sub Division was part of Cochin State and under the control of Commissioner of Police, Kochin City.  The new building bearing No. TC/10/1457/III (Survey No. 1221/I of Thrissur village) for Sub Division Office, Thrissur was inaugurated by Sri. M.N. Krishnamoorthy IPS, Inspector General of Police, North Zone, Kozhikode on 8.3.2006. Before the inauguration of the new building, this office was functioning in the Control Room building. As per the Government Order GO (MS) 32/2011 Home dated 5.2.2011 (D.O. No. 330/2011/R) Thrissur Police district was divided as Thrissur City and Thrissur Rural. As per the bifurcation Anthikad and Viyyur Police stations departed from West Circle and integrated with Cherpu and Peramangalam Circles respectively. Nedupuzha PS which was under Cherpu Circle integrated with Thrissur West Circle. Pudukad Circle which was under Thrissur Sub Division is now under Thrisur Rural.


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