Student Police Cadet

The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project is a school based initiative which seeks to mould a responsible youth for a vigilant, peaceful and value based society, for whom discipline and abiding by law is a way of life. The project is initiated by Kerala Police and in collaboration with the Departments of Education, Transport, Forest, Excise, Local Self Government, Fire & Rescue and Sports Council. Formally it is launched in August 2010.

The STUDENT POLICE CADET Project is a school-based initiative by Kerala Police that trains high school students to evolve as future leaders of a democratic society by inculcating within them respect for the law, discipline, civic sense, empathy for vulnerable sections of society and resistance to social evils. The project also enables youth to explore and develop their innate capabilities, thereby empowering them to resist the growth of negative tendencies such as social intolerance, substance abuse, deviant behavior, and anti-establishment violence. Equally, it strengthens within them commitment towards their family, the community, and the environment.

Implemented jointly by the Departments of Home and Education, and supported by Departments of Transport, Forest, Excise and Local Self-Government, Fire & Rescue services, Sports Council, the SPC project was launched in August 2010 in 127 schools across Kerala, with 11176 students - both boys and girls - enrolled as Cadets (Ref: G.O (P) No 121/2010/Home dtd 29-05-2010). The project has now been expanded to a total of 530 high schools across Kerala with a combined strength of nearly 35,000 SPCs


  • To mould a generation of youth who willingly respect and abide by Law, and who practice civic sense, democratic behavior and selfless service to society as the natural way of life.
  • To facilitate development of good health, physical and mental fitness, self-control and discipline in youth, thereby enhancing their capacity for hard work and personal achievements
  • To enable youth to work with police and other enforcement authorities including Forest, Transport, and Excise in preventing crime, maintaining law and order, promoting road safety, and improving internal security and disaster management.
  • To develop social commitment in youth and empower them against deviant behavior in themselves and others, thereby preventing growth of social evils such as drug and alcohol abuse, intolerance, vandalism, separatism, and terrorism in society.
  • To enable youth to explore and develop their inner potential in achieving success, by inculcating in them leadership, teamwork skills, innovative thinking and problem solving ability's
  • To motivate youth to develop secular outlook, respect for other&rsquos fundamental rights and willingness to carry out their fundamental duties as enshrined in the Constitution of India by developing in them qualities of Patriotism, Open-mindedness, Large-heartedness, Inclusiveness, Capability and Effectiveness (POLICE)


Project & LEGAL LITERACY&rdquo

Statewide programme, supported by Kerala Legal Services Authority (KELSA), to promote legal awareness among community members


Statewide programme, supported by Excise Department, to raise awareness among students, their families and community members about substance abuse


Statewide initiative by SPCs, supported by Department of Local Self-Government through Kerala Suchitwa Mission, to develop a Kerala community that manages waste responsibly and sustainably.

Project & SHUBAYATRA&rdquo

Statewide road sense-road safety programme, supported by Kerala Road Safety Authority & Transport Department, to develop SPC schools as Road Safety Resource Centers for local communities

Project & MY TREE&rdquo

Statewide programme, supported by Kerala Forest Department, to raise community awareness regarding environmental protection.

Project & FRIENDS AT HOME&rdquo

Outreach programme by SPCs, with guidance from Institute of Palliative Medicine, to support physically disabled and otherwise disadvantaged children, with school books, toys, and other resources

Project & TOTAL HEALTH&rdquo

Statewide school-level programme, supported by Department of Health, to create health awareness, inculcate healthy habits and promote healthy diets among school students.

In Thrissur City SPC Project implemented in 11 schools. The list of Schools are shown below.

  • CMS HSS, Thrissur
  • Devamatha CMI Public School, Thrissur
  • St. Thomas HSS, Thoppe
  • St. Aloysius HSS, Elthuruth
  • Sree Durga Vilasm HSS, Peramangalam
  • CMGHSS, Kuttur
  • Sreekrishna HSS Guruvayur
  • MASM HSS, Venmanad, Pavaratty
  • GHSS Pattikkad
  • GVHSS, Puthur
  • GVHSS, Peechi.
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