Innovative Projets

Janamithry Suraksha Project

Janamaithri Suraksha Project seeks the responsible participation of the citizens in crime prevention at the level of the local community, conserving the resources, both of the community and of the police,

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Students Police Cadets

The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project is a school based initiative which seeks to mould a responsible youth for a vigilant, peaceful and value based society, for whom discipline and abiding by law is a way of life

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Public Window System

The public can clarify their queries on the above subject matters by making   calls to the mobile number 94979 62692. The services of competent staff will be spared for attending to the calls to this number having CUG facility. Each call will be registered online and a token to that aspect will be generated and intimated to the caller through SMS. Further, the action taken on the subject matter will also be intimated to the caller through SMS without any undue delay.

As a new start up, initially the service of this Public Window System has been limited between 9.30 AM & 5.30 PM initially .In addition, the police personnel of this unit can also obtain the status related to their service matters through this Public Window System. All section clerks of the DPO are bound to provide requisite and up dated details in respect of all queries from the part of public as well as police initiated through this online system on the date of receipt itself. The supervisory officers concerned are bound to ensure proper compliance of the direction in this regard. ACP Administration has been designated as the Nodal officer to ensure the smooth functioning of this system.

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a software which makes the passport application verification process transparent and less time consuming.

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Clean Campus Safe Campus

Recent surveys and available literature show that substance use is increasing among children and adolescents. The problem is seen across all socioeconomic groups, from metropolitan cities to small towns and rural areas, with newer substances and multiple substance use also being documented

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