Thrissur West Circle

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Thrissur West circle came into existence on 10.06.1994 as per G.O. (MS) 27/94 dated 24.02.1994  (D.G.O No.414/94 Dated, 01.06.1994) reconstituting Thrissur West, Viyyur and Anthikad Police stations.    Prior to the formation of West Circle,  Thrissur West  and Viyyur Police stations were under Thrissur Town Circle and Anthikad Police station was in Guruvayur Circle.   


 As per Government Order  GO (MS) 32/2011/Home dated, 05.02.2011 (D.O.No.330/2011/R ) Thrissur Police district  bifurcated as Thrissur City and Thrissur Rural.  As a result of which,  Anthikad and Viyyur Police stations departed from West Circle and   integrated with Cherpu  and Peramangalam circles respectively.    Nedupuzha PS which was under cherpu circle  integrated with Thrissur West Circle.   West Police station remained in the circle without any change. 


 The Circle Office is functioning in a small building adjacent to West Police station from 16.01.2004.    This building was constructed for the purpose of Thondy Room of West Police station.   Earlier,  the Circle Office was accommodated in the police station building itself  up  to 15.01.2004.     This Circle  lies on the west and southern side of  Thrissur Town.     Thrissur East, Ollur, Cherpu and  Peramangalam Circles   shares its border.    The administrative centre of Thrissur district,  ie, Civil station where most of the heads of departments/offices are functioning,   is situated within this circle limit at Ayyanthole.   Various courts including District and Sessions court, Fast Track Courts etc, MACT court etc are functioning in the civil station.   Apart from that, the  Government Law College,  Sree Keralavarma college  and St:Aloysius Colege, Elthuruthu are also situated  within this circle jurisdiction.