Mannuthy Police Station

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The new building of Mannuthy Police Station was Inaugurated on 03.03.2016. at Mannuthy Centre    (In front Of Vetenery college Building)

      Mannuthy is suburb area on National Highway 47 of Thrissur city of Kerala,India. Mannuthy is Ward 13 of Thrissur Municipal Corporation. Mannuthy is also a center for many of the government and private educational institutions. Among the famous few are the (ATIC), (KVK), College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , MannuthyAgricultural Research Station, College of Dairy Science and Technology,Don Bosco High School, Don Bosco College, Holy Family School and Marymatha Major Seminary. Mannuthy is also famous for its nurseries. There are around 1000 nurseries selling potted plants, herbs, saplings and seeds in Mannuthy.Major banks have their branches in Mannuthy including SBT, South Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda, Catholic Syrian Bank and KSFE. Areas around Mannuthy are Mukkattukara, Madakathara, Vellanikara, Mulayam, Mullakara, Nadathara and Ollukara. Mannuthy is one of the entry point to Thrissur City. Mannuthy is also near to the Peechi Dam.

Border Police Stations

Ollur,Peechi,Viyyur,Town East

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

 It comes under Thrissur parliament Constituency and Thrissur legislative Assembly



   Juridictional  Court

     The entire area of Mannuthy Police Station falls under the jurisdiction of JFCM- No.III Court Thrissur.

Corporation,Panchayath and Villages

  1. Thrissur Corporation


  1. Ollukkara village
  2. Nettissery village

   2    Nadathara Panchayath

  1. Kozhukkully village
  2. Mulayam village

  3  Madakkathara Panchayath

  1. Madakkatrhara Village
  2. Vellanikkara Village


TOTAL COLLEGES GOVT. 1. Veterinary college Mannuthy

                                              2.Horticulture college Mannuthy

                                              3.Forestry college Mannuthy

                                              4.Diary Science college Mannuthy

PRIVATE                          1.Donbosco college Mannuthy

  1. Vidhyajyothi college Mannuthy
  2. Victory ITC Ollukkara

Total Schools-16

             Govt.         1.Kerala Agriculture School Vellanikkara (LP,UP,HS)

                                2.Govt.LP Scool Mukkattukara

  1. Govt.UP Scool Moorkkanikkara

        Private          1.Donbosco Mannuthy

                              2.VVHS Mannuthy

                              3.St.George UP School Mukkattukara

  1. St.George LP School Mukkattukara

                              5.Bethlehem School Mukkattukara (HS)

                             6.St.Vincent Pallotti School Kalathode(HS)

                             7.ALPS Kalathode

  1.    NSLP School Madakkathara

                             9.Kailasanatha Vidhyanikethan Mullakkara (HS)

                            10.SUP School Kozhukkully

                            11.IVM School Mulayam (LP)

  1. Holy Family English Medium Mannuthy
  2. CMS School Mannuthy


1.Kerala Agriculture University Mannuthy

2.Kerala Vetinary And Animal Science University Mannuthy

3.Thrissur corporation Zonal Office Ollukkara

4.Sub Registrar Office Mannuthy

5.Block Devolopment Office Ollukkara

6.400 KV Sub Station Madakkathara

  1. Power Grid Corporation Of India Madakkathara.


              1.Seven Sees Distillary Mannuthy

Important Issues

1.Chavarampadam-Temple-(Providing Police Protection)

  1. KESS- Elanjikulam -(Providing Police Protection)

3.west Vellanikkara-Kurisupally

4.Mullakkara Jaram Committee Possessed way to the Public

Financial Institutions Pvt

1.Kerala Finance Mulayam Road

2.Thattil Finance Mannuthy

3.Mukkattukara Catholic Company

4.Vadakkumnathan Finance Mannuthy

5.Muthoot Finance


1.Lourd Hospital Pattalakkunnu,Mannuthy

2.Mar Thimothious Hospital Kunnathumkara

Bank/Financial Institutions in Mannuthy P.S. Limit

1.Service Co-operative Bank Moorkkanikkara

2.Punjab National Bank Moorkkanikkara

3.Ollukkara Keravikasana Multi Purpose Society Moorkkanikkara

4.Ollukkara co-operative Bank Branch Nellankara

5.Vellanikkara Service co-operative Bank KAU Camps

  1. Vellanikkara Service co-operative Bank Thottapady
  2. Vellanikkara Service co-operative Bank Pandipparambu
  3. Vellanikkara Service co-operative Bank Vellanikkara

9  Nadathara Farmers Co-Operative Bank Valakkavu

10 State Bank Of Travancore Ollukkara

11 State Bank Of Travancore KAU Compound

12 KSFE Branch Mannuthy

13.Thrissur District Co-operative Bank Mannuthy.

  1. Catholic Syrian Bank Mannuthy.
  2. Multy Purpose co-operative Bank Mannuthy

16.Vyapari Vyavasayi Co-operative Society Mannuthy

  1. Ollukkara co-operative Bank Ollukkara
  2. Canara Bank Mannuthy.
  3. South Indian Bank Mannuthy.

Details Of Worship Places In Mannuthy P.S.Limit



1.Kodungallurkavu Bhagavathy temple Mannuthy

2.Veembil Theroth Siva temple Moorkkanikkara

3.Sree Rudhiramala Bhagavathy temple Mulayam

4.Sree Subramanya Swami Temple Kozhukkully

5.Thirumanamkunnu Bhagavathy temple Moorkkanikkara

6.Sree Andunny Thevar Siva Temle West Vellanikkara

7.Ayyarukunnu Sree Bhadrakali Temple Farm Road


8.Sree Mahavishnu Temle Achankunnu Mulayam

  1. Kotteppadam Sree Elenjil Bhagavathy Temple Vellanikkara.

10.Sree Kokkulangara Bhagavathy Temple Mukkattukara.

11.Thiruvanikkavu Bhagavathy Temple Ollukkara

  1. Sree Arumugha Ayyappankavu Temle Madakkathara.

13.Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple Madakkathara

14.Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Kunnathumkara.

15.Sree Ayyappankavu Temple West Vellanikkara.

16.Cheerakkavu Sree Rudhiramala Bhaghavathy Temple


  1. Sree Narayana Darmasamajam Sree Mahadeva

        temple Krishnapuram

  1. Mannur Sree Durgha Devi Temple Valakkavu

19.Cherukulangara Bhagavathy Temple Ollukkara.

  1. Sree Subramanya Swami Temple Chirakkekkod

21.Koottanal Bhagavathy Swami Temple Moorkkanikkara

  1. Ayyappankavu Sree Narayana Temple Mulayam

23.Ayyamkulam Sree Mahavishnu Temple Pullanikkadu

  1. Kodumbu Siva Temple Valakkavu
  2. Sree Mariyamman Kovil Mullakkara.

26 .Elambrakkavu Bhagavathi Temple Vellanissery Madakkathara

27.Sree.Mahavishnu  Temple Mukkattukara

28.Sree Dharmasastha Temple Nettissery.

29.Sree Durga Bhagavathy Temple Nellankara.

  1. Sree Ayyappa Temple Mullakkara


1.St.Sebastians Church Nellikkunnu

2.St. Antony’s Church Mannuthy

3.Nithyasahayamatha Church Kozhukkulli

4.Mar Esthappanose sahadha Church Nellankara

5.St.Patrics Church Mulayam Ayyappankavu

  1. St.Sebastians Church Nellankara

7.St.Mary’s Catholic Church Chirakkekkod

  1. St.George Church Mukkattukara
  2. St.Joseph Church Madakkathara

10 .Mar. Adhaisleeha Church Paravattani

11.Infant Jesus Church Mullakkara



1.Muslim mahallu juma-ath mallakkara jaram Mullakkara

2.Juma-Masjith Kalathod

3.Krishnapuram Palli

4.Kunnathumkara Palli

5.Thiruvanikkavu Palli

6.Mannuthy Palli

7.Vellanikkara Pally


KILO 21( Base Station –Mannuthy P.S.)

Area Of Operation:  NH 47 - Vaniampara   to  Mannuthy


Ambulance Service

   An Ambulance service started in Mannuthy Police Station from 23.08.2016 The aim of the project is for helping people involved in road accidents mainly NH 47. The service is started by the sponsorship of Kerala Police and Bharat Petrolium Limited.