Ollur Police Station

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Ollur Police Station formed in 15.03.1961. As per the G.O (MS) 631/ Home Dated 08.10.1960, and subsequently shifted to a new Government building bearing number TC 12/254 on 17.02.1989 vide G.O(Rt) 3183/89 Home dated 01.07.1989. Total area of Police station jurisdiction is 40.12 sq KM, comprising of 7 Villages.

Jurisdiction Boundary of Ollur Police Station

The Police Station is situated approximately 5 Kilo meters away from Thrissur Town. Janamaithri Project started in Ollur Police Station on 01.10.2011 as per Order No. G1(A) 140/08/R Dt. 08/2010, which contains 5 beats in Thrissur Corporation area and now it expanded in whole area of Police Station limit as 13 well established Beats. Student Police Cadet programme is also being conducted at Puthur Govt. School along with the other programmes introduced by the government like SPG, Clean Campus, Senior Citizen Help Desk etc.

Station Jurisdiction

Ollur Edakunny Marathakkara Nadathara Puthur Kainoor Mannamangalam

Important Government Institutions

Ollur Industrial Estate, Eadkunny

Oushadhi Pharmaceutical, Kuttanellur

Telephone Exchange, Ollur

B.S.F Camp, Kainoor

Registrar Office, Kuttanellur

ESI, Ollur

K.S.E.B. Marathakkara

K.S.E.B. Kuriachira

K.S.E. B, Puthur

Forest Station, Mannamanglam

Forest Flying squad Office, Kuttanellur

Post Offices:-

(1)Ollur (2) Kuriachira (3) Thaikattussery (4) Kuttanellur (5) Puthur (6) Kainoor (7) Vettukkad (8) Mannamangalam (9) Marathakkara (10) Ponnukkara

St. Antony’s Church, Ollur

This is an ancient church in the district founded during 1718 and famous for the festivel of angel St. Raphel, who is counted among the 7 angles described in holy bible. A large number of devotees from different parts of the country gathering in the church at the time of festivel

St. Evuprassiamma Shrine

Evuprasiamma was born to Cherpukaran Antony and Kunjethy on 7 October 1877 in Thrissur, Kerala. On December 2006, she was beatified in St Anthonys Forane Church Ollur and lived at St. Mary’s Madam Ollur. She acquired blessing from the god through her prayers. Her miracles include the apparent healing of a carpenter from bone cancer. In the month of October 2014, blessed Evupraisamma is became Saint Evupraisamma. HerNormally thousands of people will gather together for participating in the festival and also for submitting offerings.

Tourist Places

Marottichal Water Falls – is originated from the hills situated near to the forest area. In Mansoon season the waterfall converted to its most beautiful form and a large number of tourist will arrive to visit the Water falls

Marottichal Water Falls

Principal Crops

  • Paddy and tapioca
  • Plantation Cultivation
  • Coconut and Rubber
  • Vegetable Cultivation
  • Banana

Important Schools

St. Mary’s Convent Girls High School Govt. VHSC, Ollur ST. Raphel School St. Raphel CGHS, Ollur Holy Angles HS, Ollur GHSS Anchery St. Sebastian LP School St. Sebastian CGHS, Nellikunnu St. Sebastian EM LP School, Nellikunnu Rehoboth National English Meadium School, RG LP School, Nellikunnu Mission Home LP School, Mariyapuram AAHS, Kuttanellur St. Jude School, Kuttanellur LP School, Thaikattussery GUPS, Panamkuttichira St. Jose LP School, Marathakkara St. Sebastian HS, Marathakkara UP School, Marottichal CJM UP School, Marathakkara LMLP School, Kuttanellur AKM HS, Poochetty BharathiyaVidhyaBhavan, Poochetty HLCLP School, Nadathara ALP School, Eravimangalam GJBS School, Mathikunnu GOVT. LP School, Cherukunnu GLP School, Puthur GVHSS, Puthur GVHSS, Puthur

Important Colleges

  • Achutha Menon Memmorial Govt. College, Kuttanellur
  • Vylopilly Memmorial Govt. College, Kuttanellur
  • P.T. Thomas Master, Entrance Training Centre, Elamthuruthy