Peramangalam Police Station

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Peramangalam Police Station formed in 1981. As per the G.O (MS) 33/71/ Home Dated 11.03.1971 in ward 3 of Kaipparambu Grama Panchayat ( In a Private building ). The Police Station commenced functioning in the Government building on 21.09.1988 as per GO(RT) No. 4495/88/Home Dated 06.09.1988 in Kaipparambu Grama Panchayat ward 8 Building No. 369-B. Total area of Police station jurisdiction is comprising of 9 Villages ( 4 Grama Panchayats – Kaipparambu, Adatt, Tholur & Avanur ). Police station Jurisdiction lies approximately 8.0 km surround to Police Station Building.

The Police Station is situated approximately 500 meters away from Amala Cancer Institute & Amala Medical College Hospital. Station is situtated in Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Highway. Janamaithri Project is also functioning in Peramangalam Police station.

Peramangalam Police Station

Peramangalam Police Station Building is situated in 70.50 cent land near to Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Highway. The Station was previously attached to Thrissur Town Circle, but when the rural circle was formed ad per GO(MS) 135/Home/73, the station was attached to rural circle. The station was attached to Kunnamkulam Circle on 18.04.1986 in pursuance of the order no. GO(RT) No 668/86/Home Dt. 25.02.1986. Then Peramangalam Circle is formed and Peramangalam Police Station was Attached to Peramangalam Circle on 26.02.2011 vide GO(MS) No. 64/11/Home Dt. 26.02.2011.

The well established 12 Janamaithri Beats is functioning under the Guidance of Inspector of Police, Peramangalam and a Community Relations Officer.

Peramangalam Police Quarters building, containing well maintained 13 quarters is located only 250 meters near Police Station

Station Jurisdiction

Kaipparambu Kaipparambu Kaipparambu Avanur Avanur Avanur Avanur Adatt Adatt Adatt Adatt Edakkalathur Edakkalathur Edakkalathur

According to the latest census approximately 2 lakh people were living under Peramangalam Police station jurisdiction.

There are 30 Schools, and Kerala Health University, 1 Govt. Medical College, Govt. Nursing School, Amala Medical College, IES Engineering College, Kendriya Vidyalaya and Samskritha University College are functioning in Peramangalam Police Station jurisdiction. All India Radio, 2 Industrial areas (Athani & Velakode ) are located in police station limit. 28 State Govt. Offices are also functioning in Police Station jurisdiction.

The Adatt Farmers Bank is also located in Peramangalam Police Station limit. It is a famous bank in Kerala for their Agriculture related works. So many paddy are situated in Peramangalam Police Station Limit like Mullur Kolpadam, Adatt Kolpadam etc.

So many worship Centers of different communities is also situated in station jurisdiction. During the festival season there are approximate 30 ‘Poorams’ with the procession of elephants of Hindu devotees, different festivals conducted by Christian community, ‘Eid- Gah’, Nabi day celibration, Palli nercha etc.festivals of Muslims were also celebrated in jurisdiction with the mass presence. In which Varadiam Ayyappankavu Pooram, Cheerakuzhi shahti, Muthuvara Mahasivarathri, festivals are having great importance.

Important Festivals

A part from the said festivals ‘Parappur Church Festival’, ‘Mundur Church Festival’, ‘Varadiam Ayyappankavu Pooram’, ‘Muthuvara Maha Sivarathri’, ‘Cheerakuzhi Shashti’, ‘Parappur Nagathankavu Maholsavam’, ‘Thechikotukavu Temple Pooram’, ‘Velappaya Mahasiva Temple Pooram’ etc. being celebrated with mass participation

Tourist Places

Vilangan kunnu – Vilangan kunnu is a famous tourist place located only 2.0 km south of Peramangalam Police Station.


Kendriya Vidyalaya, Puranattukara Sree Sarada Girls School, Puranattukara Sree Ramakrishna Madom, Puranattukara St. George School, Puttekara St. Johns School, Parappur Santha School, Avanur Sal-Sabeel School, Mundur Sree Durga Vilasam School, Peramangalam IES Public School, Chittilappilly Govt. Higher Secondary School, Varadiam


Govt. Medical College, M.G.Kavu Govt. Nursing College, M.G.Kavu Amala Medical College, Amala Nagar. IES Engineering College, Chittilappilly. Samskritha College, Puranattukara