Armed Reserve Unit

The armed reserve force is deployed whenever the local police need a short of manpower in law and order maintenance. Guard duty, Prisoners Escort Duty, Personnel Security Guard duties etc are also entrusted to Armed Reserve. The Armed Reserve Camp, Thrissur City is at Ramavarmapuram.

    Motor Transport Wing

    Motor Transport wing of Thrissur City police is functioned at AR Camp Ramavarmapuram and it is direct control of Assistant Commandant of Police –I, AR Camp. At present an officer of the rank of SI is holding the charge of Motor Transport Officer. Vehicles of Thrissur City district are properly maintained. Drivers, Unit Mechanic and users are clearly and sufficiently briefed in this regard.

    Quarter Master Store

    Quarter Master Store is functioning under the direct supervision of Assistant Commandant of Police –I. At present an officer of the rank of ASI is holding the charge of Quarter Master. Arms and ammunitions are under the control of QM.

    Armour Shop

    An armour shop is functioning in this unit. Armour ASI is holding the charge of Armour Shop. All arms and ammunitions kept in various Police Stations and offices in Tvpm Rural unit are inspecting in this Armour Shop.


            The present Thrissur District was formed following the bifurcation of old Thrissur District into Ernakulam and Thrissur on 01.04.1958. Accordingly the Police force then in existence was also bifurcated and added to this District. At that time the strength of District Armed Reserve Camp were 1 RI, 2 SI, 5 Jamadars, 17 HC and 166 PCs. On 07.08.1974 Armed Reserve has been upgraded and a DySP has been posted as Assistant Commandant. Subsequently, the strength has been enhanced to 2-RI, 12—RSI, 4-ASI, 48 HCs, 36Naiks, 36 L/Nks and 360 PCs. Later one Deputy Commandant post was created and posted, Sri. K Narayanan Nair as DC, AR Thrissur vide GO (Rt) 435/95/Home Dated 02.03.1995.

 At present there are 6 active companies and 1 HQ Company with sanctioned strength of 1-DC, 2-ACs, 3-RIs, 13-RSIs, 22-RASIs, 72-HCs and 601 PCs. 

Out of the Strength of AR Camp, a major portion is catered to prisoner escort duty, which is as comparatively large as 125 men per day.  


 Total area of land of AR camp is 53 acres and 40 cents.  Out of this, 3 acres and 60.5 cents of land were transferred for construction of Viyyur Police Station on 29.06.1988 and 22.055 acres of land has been transferred to Kerala Police Academy as per PHQ proceedings No.J2/3119/95 dated 22.03.2001 of DGP, Kerala.  At present 27.745 acres of land remain in possession of AR Camp. 

 Consequent to the bifurcation of Thrissur Police District into Thrissur City and Thrissur Rural, as a temporary arrangement, the office of District Police Chief, Thrissur City has been functioning at the Administrative Block of AR Camp. Consequent to this arrangement,   DC Office and other related offices, which were functioned in the Administrative Block, has been shifted to the newly constructed barrack situated nearby the Pond in AR Camp.


Duty Allocation of AR Camp Officers

There are 6 active Companies and HQ Company in this Unit ant the active companies are designated as A, B, C, D, E and F companies. The grouping of companies is done as per the PHQ Circular No.17/86 dated 10.06.1986 and duties are distributed accordingly.

 For the effective and smooth functioning and also for the administrative convenience, the entire strength of AR Camp is grouped into Two wings under the leadership of Asst. Commandant each.  The Asst. Commandants designated as AC I Wing and AC II Wing on the basis of seniority.  Similarly Reserve Inspectors are also designated as RI-I, RI-II and RI-III.          




  • Charge of E, F and HQ Companies.
  • Charge of Diesel Bunk allotted to Superintendent of Police, Thrissur.
  • Charge of AR Store / Police land/ Buildings/Constructions/Repairs/Camp maintenance.
  • Charge of AR Mess/ Canteen/Kshemaniketan/Recreation club and Library.
  • Imparting routine training/Annual target practice.
  • Charge of Armourer unit including all matters relating to Arms and Ammunitions of Thrissur District.
  • Maintenance/ Inspection of Arms and Ammunitions of Thrissur District.
  • Charge of Anti-sabotage checking and Dog squad.
  • Issuing and updating of guard orders.
  • Charge of Cash and Cash accounts including private funds for and on behalf of Deputy Commandant.
  • Proper implementation of Daily routine of AR.
  • Camp GD/Duty office/ Office Telephone.
  • Imparting Annual Mobilization Parade.
  • Any other duty assigned by superiors.




  • Charge of A, B, C and D Companies.
  • Detailing Police personnel for routine duties of AR including prisoner escort/ Treasury escort/ Guards/ VIP security duties.
  • Charge of Motor Transport Unit divers and al matters relating to departmental vehicles, Interceptor Boats and Interceptor vehicles. Also matters regarding Police school bus.
  • Hiring of vehicles and hire charges.
  • Preparing Bill of cost in respect of Police personnel.
  • Maintenance of deployment registers of AR including outside unit forces, if any.
  • Compare daily parade statements of all sub-units and check on other statements of companies.
  • Preparation of daily deployment and strength statement of AR including outside unit forces, if any.
  • Charge of Sports/ Games/ Cultural activities.
  • Any other duty assigned by superiors.




  • Charge of E, F and HQ Companies under the direct control and supervision of Assistant Commandant I wing.




  • Charge of A and B Companies under the direct control and supervision of Assistant Commandant II wing.




  • Charge of C and D Companies under the direct control and supervision of Assistant Commandant II wing.



DC AR will see that the duties entrusted with each officer are discharged properly and effectively. Apart from this, with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and output of District Armed Reserve, DC AR Camp is instructed to adhere to the following instructions in its letter and spirit.


  • To personally monitor the work and performance of AC’s,RI’s & RSI’s.
  • To personally responsible for ensuring the cleaning and upkeep of building and premises of AR Camp
  • To keep a close watch into the facilities of Treasury Guard and if there is no adequate facilities, the same should be brought to the notice of the concerned and should be rectified immediately.
  • To ensure that the Friday parades are conducted properly with the participation of maximum available strength.
  • To ensure that the AR Camp and its premises are Plastic free and Waste Free Zone. In this regard, sign boards shall be put at all important places/locations inside the camp. Also take initiative for establishing a Bio degradable Unit inside the Camp to make it a role model to Public as well as to other units of Departments
  • To personally monitor the proper maintenance of all department vehicles

Including VARUN and to ensure that no vehicles are off road and are kept idle.

  • To ensure that all riot equipment’s are ready for use in emergency situations.
  • To convene meeting of AR Police personnel at the end of every month and try to redress their grievances to the maximum possible extend.
  • To conduct periodical training programme to all staff working under him in various subjects including behavior towards public in general.