Know Your Police Station

Know Your Police Station

Thrissur City

Message Of District Police Chief Thrissur City

    As District Chief of Thrissur City Police, I have great pleasure in welcoming you to this website. The purpose of this website is to enable people to communicate with senior police officials of the District, from wherever in the world they may be. It is also a means of keeping members of the public informed about the latest developments, services and activities of Thrissur City Police. I invite you to browse through the various sections of the website and keep up-to-date with us. In the ongoing effort to bridge the gap between the police and community members, Kerala Police has been reaching out to the public in various ways, such as the Janamaithri Suraksha Project, Student Police Cadet Project, Shadow Police, Our Responsibility to Children and so on. Our police officers throughout the District are very active in these projects, and I am happy that they have received the appreciation of local communities they serve. May I remind you, however, that it is only the close cooperation between you and members of the police organization that we can effectively tackle crime and make our communities safe. In this critical function, we of the Thrissur City Police earnestly seek your cooperation. As Police Commissioner of Thrissur City, I request you to make use of the facilities in this website to send in your suggestions regarding how police services can be improved for the benefit of our people. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day…

District Police Chief Thrissur City

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